© 2018 by Big Tree. 

Big Tree is a 25m square 'log cabin' space, with warm wood acoustics. Located deep in the heart of the East Devon countryside, 20 minutes from Exeter, surrounded by mature trees and parkland. 

On-location recording also offered.

Pre Amps / EQ / Converters / Microphones

Aurora Audio GTP 8. Class A

SPL Gold Mike Valve Pre x 2. Class A

Avalon VT 737 sp Valve Pre / Comp/EQ. Class A

Klark Teknik EQP KT Tube EQ (matched stereo) Class A.

Mackie HR824  / Avantone CLA10 monitors.

MOTU 16A A/D Converters.


AKG C414 XL2 Stereo Pair,

Rode NT5, M5, K2, NTR, NTK, M3

Octavia M 012 stereo pair

Avantone CK1 Pair.

Live / On Location

Neve 4081 x 2 and/or Allen and Heath Z16

Shure SM57 + 58 x 5

Selection of AKG

Rode as above.

Studio software includes Steven Slate and UAD.